Combining LGBTQ narratives, mobile technologies, and public art, Whose Streets Our Streets is a smart phone enabled walking tour featuring sites of queer resistance in New York City.


1. Pull out your smart phone or tablet and open a QR code scanner. If you don’t have one, you can get them for free through your app store. We like I-Nigma the best but, QR Code Scanner and Scan also work well on all platforms. Using the reader, scan the QR code on the logo image.

2. A) The scan should automatically guide you to your phone or tablet web browser where you can view the site:
2. B ) If you’re having a hard time with the scan, try adjusting the light meter in the app using the flash symbol. If you’re still having trouble, you can open your phone’s browser and go directly to:

3. Now, for best viewing, Flip your phone horizontally and use Full Screen view (there’s usually an arrow in the right hand corner of your phone browser that enables Full Screen view).

4. Now at Whose Streets Our Streets, you can click on the digital markers in the Google-based map. These markers contain addresses and historical information about the streets upon which you’re standing. This content will be in a box to the left of the map, depending on your browser screen. You can read the short posts, look at photos in the Gallery tab, and watch first-person videos from the curated archive of each site.

Whose Streets Our Streets wants to tell compelling stories in memorable ways using interactive mediums. You can use the QR codes and corresponding website to learn information on the go, traverse the digital links all at once from wherever you are, or follow the map on a guided walking tour of New York City.